Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Today In Chicago

The NHL Board of Governors is meeting in Chicago. Among the special guests are Jim Balsillie, he of the Hamilton Coyotes and the perspective Ice Edge ownership. Although it has not been publicized, it's also expected that some representatives of the Reinsdorf-Kaites-Tavares ownership group will be in attendance. Presumably the NHL Governors will be vetting all three bids for the Coyotes.

And even though there are three groups in the running the decision should be easy. Ice Edge still hasn't submitted a formal bid and one of the owners admitted on XTRA Sports that he still didn't have all of the necessary financing lined up. Balsillie will be grilled like he's never been grilled before. Why did you try to circumvent the league constitution? Why did you back out of the Penguins purchase? Why did you even bother coming today? The Governors may add a little juice to the proceedings by formally torpedoing any franchise move to Hamilton. No need to vote up or down on Balsillie because that would only add fuel to the legal fire.

Thanks for playing fellas and drive home safely.

For Jerry, John & Tony, this is a layup. They already have Gary Bettman's papal blessing. Show up, make nice to the other Governors -- many of whom you already know from the NBA and MLB, confirm your business plan and let everyone know how honored you are to be a part of saving hockey in Phoenix.

Hopefully we'll be hearing positive news leaking out of Chicago as soon as the first Governor has to run for a plane.

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