Monday, September 14, 2009

Second Hand Coyote Chatter

Jim Cerny is the reporter for the New York Rangers and also has a fine blog named "Rink Rap". Jim recently published this piece about the Coyotes, through Ranger broadcaster Dave Maloney (brother of GMDM)

In a posting here on Rink Rap a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the difficult position Don Maloney is in as GM of the Phoenix Coyotes. Of course, things only got worse on the hockey front when training camp started and head coach Wayne Gretzky was a no-show.

I saw Don's brother Dave---the Rangers former captain and current radio analyst---at Rangers camp the other day and asked him how his younger brother is holding up. Dave told me that that Don is doing his best, but that the situation "is just brutal".

And that is just on the hockey operations side of the business. As for selling tickets, forget about it. Not shockingly, it has been nearly impossible to sell any form of season tickets this season in Phoenix, since the fans have no confidence in the future viability of their team.

No matter the outcome of the bankruptcy court ruling, the business is dead in Phoenix. It was dying already---hence the bankruptcy in the first place. But this whole dance between the league and Jim Balsillie, and perhaps the club moving to Hamilton during the season, or being sold and moved next year, has driven a final stake into the Coyotes' survival in Phoenix---er, Glendale.

While I don't agree with Jim's conclusion, I do agree with all of the other points. we can only imagine how hard it has been on Maloney this summer.

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