Monday, May 10, 2010

I Wish I Knew...

...what was going in with the City of Glendale. It seems like there are a lot of normally talkative people who are very quiet right now.

After strong indications that Ice Edge Holdings would get an exclusive negotiating window to close the Coyotes deal, talks between the City and IEH broke off today. Among the nuggets that have floated out was that the City had spoken to Ice Edge's bank to confirm that they had the financing available to close the deal. That certainly sounds serious. Monitoring Daryl Jones' tweets today, there are apparently multiple reasons that led to the latest twist in the road.

Tomorrow night, the Glendale City Council meets. They pretty much have to accept the resolution to cover the team's losses next year or the NHL will start making noise about moving the team. A logical man senses that the Council must accept that and already have a tacit agreement in place to do exactly that. If they are simply going to throw in the towel, it makes no sense to send away the one buyer who really seems to want the team.

Glendale's managers and councilors must know something we don't know. Tomorrow night, they will have to show their cards. A wise poker player knows what everyone has in ther hands before they make their move. Let's hope we are not looking at a full house being trumped by four aces.

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