Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The NHL vs. Glendale -- It Could Happen

I'll leave all of the gory details from the last two days for those with deeper resources to report. But one thought leaps to mind that is a little scary and seemingly unthinkable a few months ago.

With the NHL now bidding on the team and the very good chance that Judge Tom will finally have to make a decision and toss Balsillie out on September 2nd, an incredible scenario is looming.

The NHL said in its' filing that it wants to break the lease at arena after one year and move the team if new local ownership cannot be located.

Which would mean that the good folks at the City of Glendale and the league that seemingly has gone out of their way to help the team stay in place, will be at legal odds. Glendale really has no choice but to oppose any offer that even hints at relocation. Especially if our new best friends at Ice Edge commit to stay in Glendale.

And let's remember that Ice Edge now officially has skin in the game. $10 Million was deposited as a condition of their bid. Hmmmm....

It gets more interesting every day.

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