Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wayne Gretzky Deserves Better

Click on the headline above to read a nice blog by Howard Berger about The Great One.

After posting this article earlier today I was reminded that 21 years ago the trade of the century occurred -- Wayne Gretzky was sent by the Edmonton Oilers to the Los Angeles Kings for $15MM, two players and three first draft choices.

And it was also the biggest scoop I ever missed out on. My dear friend Chris Matthews was working for an advertising agency that handled Emory Air Freight. That long gone company was an official NHL sponsor and Chris had picked up chatter that Gretzky was headed to LA. He had validated the rumor with a friend who worked for the Kings. I told him that there was absolutely, positively no way that anyone would even think of trading Wayne Gretzky. I think he told him he was smoking his underwear.

And as it turns out he wasn't. And from that day forward no professional athlete can ever say they won't be traded because Wayne Gretzky was traded.

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